December 2, 2015

Photo Tour
- Tour Fotográfico -

If you like to sightsee, history and photography, THIS IS THE TOUR FOR YOU!.

Enfocando Turismo is a new project, that mixes both history and the interest for photography.

Usually Santiago is a city not very loved by its inhabitants and this fact blurs the beauty contained in it. The main idea of Enfocando, is to transform this point of view, How?, well, touring some of the attractive areas that the city offers to everyone, but focusing in photography.

With an offer of tours like: the interesting neighborhood of Lastarria, the colorful and popular Markets, and the historical Yungay neighborhood, you will see three totally different faces of Santiago, and also you will have the chance to get photo tips, and this way having a beautiful memory embodied in some of the pictures you will take.
How can you do the tour? Where? When? At what time? down the answer to all those questions.

Go to their web page:, there you will find the tours they do, and the subscription form, or you can email them to: Once you sign-up you will get contacted by e-mail with all the info: things you should take with you, time and meeting point and payment data.  It has to be highlighted the fact that Enfocando Turismo works on a fixed date basis, this means that the tours offered usually are on a specific date previously posted on their web page.

I hope you enjoy their tour!

March 14, 2014

Free Tour: Santiago Downtown
- Tour Gratuito Centro de Santiago -

The Tourism Office of Santiago's Municipality offers free walking tours through Santiago historical area.

Once in the tour, you will start to know about the history of Santiago, and the buildings surrounding the Main square. You will later visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, and inside see the main altars. The tour continues to the frontage of the former National Congress and the final spot, in front of The Government Palace La Moneda.

How can you do the tour? Where? When? At what time? down the answer to all those questions.

REGISTRATION: There's no need, just show up on the days and time below.
MEETING POINT: Tourism Office of Main Square Plaza de Armas, located in the north side of it, between the Town Hall, and the National History Museum.
WHEN: Monday, Friday and Saturday.
AT WHAT TIME: 10:00 am
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
DURATION: Between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.
TIPPING: Up to you

Finally, those tips that are always useful, DURING WINTER CHECK THE FORECAST if it is a HEAVY RAIN DAY the tour WON'T BE DONE, and if it's not rainy wear WARM CLOTHING. On the other hand DURING SUMMER, bring a BOTTLE OF WATER, use SUNSCREEN, SUNGLASSES and a HAT/CAP, I know that they seem obvious, but  I highlight both situations because there's no much places to hide from rain or sun during the tour. Also something to keep in mind is that if the tour is bilingual usually takes more than 2 hours.

March 5, 2014

- Propina -

Something that tourist always ask about is TIPPING; "It's ok if I give tips for a service?" "How much do I give?".

For the first question, the answer is, YES IT'S OK TIPPING if you wish to do it, no one it's going to give you a bad look or feel akward about it. In fact, most of the people will receive the money with a "thank you"; hey! somehow it's a way to say "thank's I liked the service, you should have this little extra".
Example bill

Now, Is there a specific amount of money for a tip?. Actually there's a law about tipping (N° 20.729 wich is oficially running since March 4th, 2014), but is specifically for restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, and all kind of waiters/waitress services. So, what it says is basically that, and I quote, "The employer will have to suggest, in every bill, the amount corresponding to a tip of at least the 10% of it, wich it's going to be paid by the client, unless he/she states otherwise". How this applies? check the example on the right.

As you can see, after the detail of everything it's the Total and below you have the Sugested tip of 10%, and finally at the bottom the Total with the tip. Now remeber that IS YOUR CHOICE TO PAY THE SUGGESTED TIP, of course, depending on if you feel it's right or not.

BUT, what happens when it's not a waiter or waitress service?, like a guided tour for instance. Well in that case is up to you how much is going to be the tip. The average is around $5.000 CLP, but there is no limit. Here we have to be clear, if you liked the service give away some good money, if not, don't give a thing, that's how it works.

I hope this helps you a little bit about TIPPING during your stay in Chile.